Woman Strangles Her Close Friend To Death, Kidnaps Her Newborn Baby, & Pretends The Child Is Hers

Woman Strangles Her Close Friend To Death, Kidnaps Her Newborn Baby, & Pretends The Child Is Hers

Magen Fieramsuca is accused of kidnapping Heidi Broussard and her baby, and then killing Heidi Broussard

Heidi Broussard, 33, from Texas and Magen Fieramusca, 34, had been friends for more than a decade. The two met at the Texas Bible Institute in Columbus, an arrest affidavit had said, according to CNN . Broussard's partner Shane Carey told police that Fieramusca claimed she was pregnant around the same time as Broussard. Fieramusca's ex-boyfriend Christopher Green said he believed that she had been pregnant with his child, the document said, and she told him on December 13 that she had given birth. Broussard's water broke on November 25, 2019. Fieramusca was by her friend's side the next day being one of the first people to even meet Broussard's newborn.


But the happy moment was soon to be short-lived. The newborn’s grandfather noticed something strange. According to USA Today , Fieramusca interrupted his first meeting with his granddaughter, asking to hold the baby first. On December 19, the incident takes a horrifying turn.  Broussard's body was found in a duffle bag in the trunk of a car outside a suburban Houston home where Fieramusca lived. Authorities saved a baby earlier in the day who was later identified as Broussard's infant. Green told officials that he and Fieramusca had broken up in March but still lived in the home together. He admitted that he had never seen Fieramusca's bare stomach during her pregnancy.


When investigators spoke with Green, they showed him a flyer of missing baby Margot and Green replied , "That's the baby at my house," according to the arrest affidavit. Her lawyers however maintained that she was innocent until proven guilty. "As with every American accused of a crime, unless the state has proven these allegations beyond any reasonable doubt, Ms. Fieramusca remains innocent," they said in a statement. Early this year, an arrest affidavit was unsealed charging Fieramusca with kidnapping and tampering adding that she set up an elaborate hoax in which she pretended for months to be pregnant and planned to present Broussard's infant as her own. A one-page indictment stated that Fieramusca asphyxiated Broussard by “ligature estrangulation, with a leash and with her hand." Fieramusca was initially charged with only kidnapping and tampering with a corpse but was indicted on a murder charge on January 28, reported KVUE . Her court dates had been postponed from March to April and at the time she was being held in the Travis County Jail with a bond set at more than $1 million.


The day Broussard went missing, her boyfriend Carey noted that he last heard from her around 8 a.m. on Thursday when she had just dropped off her other child at school. He told KXAN , "He needs his mom. I need his mom… we need the baby back, we just had a sister." Before learning about her death, Carey told an NBC crew he didn’t believe she would have left on her own. "She wouldn’t leave, not without an ID. All of her cash was in her purs. Her purse is here, her car’s here, and she’s a talker. She loves to talk. She loves her friends, she loves her family, and she would tell somebody, and all of her friends don’t know. Nobody has heard from her," Carey said, whilst adding, "It’s only her and the baby and the cell phone and the keys that are gone, and that’s it."

Baby Margot was later found alive and was reunited with her family, but they are still in disbelief that someone so close was allegedly involved in something so horrifying, according to ABC News . "I want to look at her straight in the eyes and ask her why?" Carey said of Fieramusca. "That's all I want to say. There's no reason for any of this. I believe somebody talked her into it. I mean, from knowing Magen, I would never imagine it. I don't know what happened. … Heidi is way stronger than Magen. There has to be a second person. There is no way Magen was by herself," he added.

He created the "Heidi and Shane’s family Fund fundraiser" on GoFundMe to raise funds for the family.


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