Texas Brothers, 5 and 7, Lived With Their Mom's Corpse For A Week After She Collapsed And Died

Texas Brothers, 5 and 7, Lived With Their Mom's Corpse For A Week After She Collapsed And Died

The two brothers thought their Mom had fallen asleep and was hoping the police officers would wake her up.

Two small kids were forced to live with their mother's corpse for more than a week after she collapsed and died from a suspected heart attack. The two boys aged five and seven were unable to call for help and was left stuck in the house with their dead parent in an incident in Texas. The two boys fended for themselves until the cops found them at their home in Talty, east of Dallas, on Sunday. Connie Taylor, 71, had only adopted them last month after being their foster mother initially. The police found Connie Taylor dead during a welfare check. The boys had opened the door for the police officers when they came calling. The boy told them that their mother was "passed out" and wouldn't wake up, reported the Daily Mail.


The two young kids told the police officers that they had tried to use their mom's mobile phone but didn't know how to unlock her phone. The boys were new to the place and didn't really know any of the neighbors. They were scared to go out or alert the neighbors. School authorities alerted law enforcement personnel after the two boys failed to turn up for school for more than a week. The elementary school couldn't get through to the boys' mother either. The cop visited the home as part of the welfare check to find Connie Taylor dead. The cops said they survived by eating food from the pantry and refrigerator. A neighbor said the kids had gone into "survival mode" after finding themselves alone and needing to fend for themselves for more than a week. The kids had thought their mom had fallen asleep and was hoping the police officers would wake her up.

Two children's silhouette/Getty Images/Annie Otzen
Two children's silhouette/Getty Images/Annie Otzen

Teachers at the Forney Independent School District started to get concerned when the boys had failed to show up since September 21. The school usually contacted Connie Taylor on all matters concerning the two boys but couldn't reach out to her. "We are so thankful that our teachers are building relationships with families to know something wasn't right, and for our officers that check in our families," said the district in a statement. "Our hearts break with the family, and we are keeping them close in our thoughts and prayers." The authorities confirmed she had died of natural causes and suspect the cause of death to be a heart attack. As of now, the boys have been placed with child protective services. There have been reports that one of Connie Taylor’s biological children is filing for custody of the two kids.


In another incident from 1999, a boy lived with his dead mother for a month for the fear of being returned to foster care, where he hated it. Travis Butler, a 9-year-old boy from Memphis, lived with his mother's corpse for 33 days. Every day the fourth-grader got ready and went to school like everything was normal. "I just don’t know how that baby survived in there for a month with that smell," said family friend Dorothy Jeffries, reported the New York Post. "It was the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life."

Butler had covered his mother's body in the living room with her coat and placed paper over her face. It was a family friend who found out the truth after checking up on the boy's mother. "At first he said his mother was at work and wouldn’t let us inside," said Mrs. Jeffries. "When we kept asking he finally just broke down and said, 'Mama can’t talk anymore because she got really sick and I think she is dead.'" Travis then begged them to not call the cops for the fear of being placed in a foster home. "When the ambulance came he ran to his mother because he didn’t want her to be taken. I will never forget that sight," she said. At the time, Butler's maternal grandparents were awarded temporary custody of the boy.


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