Smart Dog Uses Rope Chew Toy To Pull Sister Out Of Swimming Pool After She Falls In

Smart Dog Uses Rope Chew Toy To Pull Sister Out Of Swimming Pool After She Falls In

The Labrador Retrievers were playing by the pool when on them fell in. The brother used to toy to help his sister out.

A quick-thinking Labrador Retriever saved his sister after she fell into a swimming pool. The retriever helped the other dog by holding out a chew toy for his sister to latch on to. The heartwarming incident was caught on camera by a retired firefighter-paramedic Aaron Tucker from Daytona Beach, Florida. The dog's sister uses the help of her brother to heave herself out of the water to safety. The dogs were near the edge of the pool when one of them suddenly falls into the pool and struggles to get out, reported the Daily Mail. The retired firefighter-paramedic was watching the Labrador Retrievers closely and filmed the incident. The two dogs appeared to be the pets of Tucker's brother.


Tucker posted a video of the dogs and wrote: When your brother's dogs are awesome you just have to share. Initially, the dog that fell into the pool tries to come out of the pool but is found struggling. The other dog watches as his sister struggles to get out of the water. The dog then spots an orange chew toy by the side of the pool and holds it out for his sister to bite into. The sister struggles to get a hold onto the toy. She gets a hold but loses grip almost immediately. The other dog once again throws the chew toy to the dog in the water. Tucker, who's filming the incident starts a running commentary on the scene he's witnessing. "You're going to grab this thing and then I'm going to pull you out." Tucker states through the entire sequence lending voice to both the Labrador Retrievers.


The dog tries to pull his sister out of the pool but struggles as they both hold onto the chew toy. At one point the sister was almost tempted to pull in her brother into the pool as well but eventually decides to haul herself out of the water. Aaron Tucker continues with his hilarious commentary. "Oh my god you're heavy, you got to go on a diet I'm not kidding. There you go now you're safe!" says Tucker as the Labrador Retriever manages to pull to safety his sister. Tucker is passionate about dogs and runs the dog training business Florida K9. His love for dogs really shines through the video featuring the two dogs. Instagram users also loved the video. One user wrote: Amazing Labs. Sister was trying to pull him in 😂.


Aaron also teaches Tactical Medic for the Florida SWAT Association, instructing tactical medics how to treat their four-legged team members. Aaron has also worked in the private sector, handling explosive detection K9s for a major cruise line in Florida. He was a guest speaker at the SOMA convention in Tampa in 2010 and spoke on the subject of K9 emergency medicine. In 2013, Aaron received an award from the U.S. State Department for his involvement in the creation of a K9 program in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was also voted Readers Choice Best dog trainer of 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

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