Man Secretly Lived in Teen Girl’s Closet For Weeks, Had Sex With Her When Parents Left For Work

Man Secretly Lived in Teen Girl’s Closet For Weeks, Had Sex With Her When Parents Left For Work

The 36-year-old man met the teenager when she was only 13 on an online chat app before he groomed the teenager.

Trigger warning: This report has details of sexual abuse that readers may find disturbing

The parents of a 15-year-old girl were shocked to find an adult man living in their teen daughter's closet. The 36-year-old was found to be living part-time in their daughter's bedroom closet and had also abused her when the teenager's parents left for work. Johnathan Rossmoine has since been arrested by the cops. He had allegedly met the teenager online and had traveled from his home state Louisiana to Spring Hill, Florida where he lived part-time in her closet for close to a month, said the Henderson County Sheriff's Office deputies. It was the girl's parents who found him in the girl's bedroom closet. The authorities conducted an investigation into the matter and found that the 36-year-old had sex with the victim on multiple occasions.


After the parents found the man living in the closet, they came to find out that their daughter was aware of it. They had apparently met almost two years ago via an unidentified online chat app, according to police. She was just 13-years-old at the time. Rossmoine confessed to meeting the girl on multiple occasions since then, often traveling between Louisiana to Florida to meet the girl. At the time of finding in the closet, the teenager said he had been living on and off in her closet since August 19. The 36-year-old would crawl out of the closet after the teenager's parents left for work, the authorities revealed. The suspect had groomed the girl. "The suspect advised on this current trip he had been in Hernando County for about five weeks and had sex with the victim on numerous occasions. The suspect would hide in the closet when the victim’s parents were home, only coming out when they left for work."


It came to light that some of the sexual abuse happened inside the suspect's van which was parked near the girl's home. Hernando County Sheriff's Office also said the girl referred to the man as her boyfriend. "He and the young lady came up with the idea that he could just stay in her room if he hid in the closet whenever the parents came in," Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Detective Tom Cameron told FOX 13 . "They kept the bedroom door closed and locked."

The 15-year-old lied on his behalf and claimed she told him she was 18 when they first spoke. The investigation revealed that the girl did tell him she was only 15 prior to the pair meeting. Rossmoine didn't appear to have any issue with the fact that she was underage. The teenager's parents had no inkling of the man living upstairs until they heard suspicious noises upstairs. They were shocked to find the man in their daughter's room. The stranger went back into the girl's closet and remained there until the authorities arrived. He was arrested. The 36-year-old charged with four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior with a victim between the ages of 12 and 16, and one count of obscene communication, as per online jail records. It's not been confirmed if Rossmoine will face more charges but he is currently being held on a $25,000 bond.

If you know of any children who are being subjected to abuse, please contact The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at (800) 422-4453

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