Live-Ant Manicure: People Are Getting Live Ants Trapped Inside Their Nails In New Manicure Trend

Live-Ant Manicure: People Are Getting Live Ants Trapped Inside Their Nails In New Manicure Trend

The salon claims that "no animals were harmed" in the process but the online community disagreed.

A video of a nail technician dropping live ants inside acrylic nails has gone viral. A Russian nail salon posted the video on Instagram and many viewers seemed concerned for the tiny insects trapped in an unnatural space. The video shows the technician starting with the extension application. A transparent piece of acrylic is placed on the underside of the client’s long, curved nails. Next, the technician picks ants from a garden and drops them into a small pocket on each nail. According to the Daily Mail , the ants were picked up with a pair of tweezers and then placed into the top of the nails before the opening was then closed off.  The client then puts her hands out to show off her new manicure. The insects seemed to be crawling frantically around in the tiny spaces.


The salon behind the look is called Nail Sunny and is based in Moscow, according to Buzzfeed News .  Their Instagram page has over 2.2 million followers and their posts feature often creative and viral nail designs. Previous designs included eating utensils, humanlike teeth, and pooping butts. However, the live ants' manicure seemed to have taken it too far, for a lot of people.

The salon captioned the viral video:  no animals were harmed during the making of this video' 🐜🐜🐜 ants in the nails - YAY OR NAY? What happened with ants? Look the next video !!!!! They are breathing!!!!!  But not many people were impressed. gabbieee1 commented: It don’t matter if it’s rare or if there are millions in the world, let the damn ant live their life. No, u got em trappped ina nail for clout. wrc19 said: Whether they are breathing or not, who Tf gave you the right to just pick them up out of nature and trap them on someone's fingers? This is absolutely cruel! Whether it kills them or not. I never even knew about your shop until today. Now that I do, i'm not going to become a customer. And will advise others against it, also.  In a follow-up video, the salon told everyone to "KeeP calm, We left them to breathe."


While people continued to stress about the ants, others, however, felt people were overreacting. marbabytm said : Lol you all are so butt hurt about a couple ants. They do not have anxiety ppl lol and they are an insect not an animal... this is stupid to do but not something I would freak out about . If them things come into my home I kill them just like any other insect. thejulietsimmsfanzz pointed out: "When you walk down the street and push ants with shoes - you're not murderers?" There's a difference between walking outside while unintentionally killing tiny ass ants in the process and intentionally putting them in nails. 

The salon's owner Eleonora Movsisian spoke out about the issue and told INSIDER what the inspiration for the weird nail trend was. A friend suggested she use flour worms, but she decided to try live ants since they were easier to get. Movsisian told the outlet that she was surprised by the ongoing criticism, but still has plans to recreate the manicure using flour worms.

Social media denizens had this to say about this trend:






COVER IMAGE SOURCE: Instagram/ nail_sunny

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