Matthew McConaughey Was 'Blackmailed Into Having Sex' At 15, Molested In The Back Of A Van

Matthew McConaughey Was 'Blackmailed Into Having Sex' At 15, Molested In The Back Of A Van

The actor revealed he was sexually abused as a teenager as part of his new memoir titled 'Greenlights.'

Trigger warning: Sexual assault

Matthew McConaughey has revealed that he was sexually abused and blackmailed into sex as a teenager. The actor made the revelations in his new memoir Greenlights. The Oscar-winning actor has opened up about his Hollywood career and personal life in a new book that was released on Tuesday this week. The actor said he was blackmailed into sex when he was just 15 years old. McConaughey labeled moments of his career using the colors of the traffic lights — green, yellow and red — to describe events in his life that made  McConaughey advance, pause, or stop, reported People. The Dallas Buyers Club actor said his yellow and red life moments that stalled or halted his life briefly eventually all turned to green, helping him progress as an actor and as a person. 

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McConaughey starts off the book with a series of facts about himself and mentions in passing his personal experience with sexual abuse. “I was blackmailed into having sex for the first time when I was 15,” wrote McConaughey. “I was certain I was going to hell for the premarital sex. Today, I am merely certain that I hope that’s not the case.” He also revealed that in another instance he was “molested by a man when I was 18 while knocked unconscious in the back of a van.” While the incident is a dark memory, Matthew McConaughey prefers to look at the larger picture of life and believe a lot of good things have happened to him since. “I’ve never felt like a victim. I have a lot of proof that the world is conspiring to make me happy,” wrote McConaughey.

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"I noticed many red lights and yellow lights that I had in my life earlier, that with time turned green. With time I saw, even hard, tragic things — I noticed they are things that can work for everyone," said McConaughey before touching his own personal loss. "The death of a loved one, it's a red light — for me, my father moving on was a big red light — but then I've noticed when I looked in my journals how much … things he taught me kept him alive by what I learned from him and the man I try to be daily. That's a green light of his moving on."

The actor revealed he has kept a diary of his events for 36 years, before finally sitting down to write it. “I’ve been keeping a diary for 36 years; a couple of years ago, my wife gave me a kick in the backside to say: ‘You’ve been talking about sitting down with those for 36 years and seeing what it is for a while. Now’s the time. Get out of here,’” said the actor. McConaughey cut himself off from human contact and the internet to pen down the book. The Dazed and Confused actor said he “went away to the desert by myself for 52 days, no electricity” to write it.



McConaughey also said he prefers to not date his co-stars as it can kill the chemistry. "If you see a couple [who]... did a movie together and later on they get married and they make another movie together, watch the movie! When they're really good is the movie before it was ever public that they were getting together," said the actor, reported ET Online. "But once they get married, you watch that movie, they're not near as good together... It's the movie where they met where you go, 'That's the one where this thing is sizzling."



He admitted to having crushed but said he never really acted on it. "I’ve always tried to keep it professional and the people I worked with, I must say, did it well. Maybe we had certain crushes on each other at certain times, but we always just kinda kept it professional. Or maybe we were dating somebody seriously outside of ourselves at the time and we both respected that for the other," said McConaughey.

If you are being subjected to sexual assault, or know of anyone who is, please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673)

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