You've Been Threading Needles The Wrong Way Your Whole Life. Here's An Easier Way To Do It.

You've Been Threading Needles The Wrong Way Your Whole Life. Here's An Easier Way To Do It.

Your life does not have to be a lie anymore, with this incredibly simple hack.

How many times have you almost given up in frustration while trying to thread a needle in an attempt to sew? All that squirming, squinting, and possible cussing may now be a thing of the past because we are here to tell you that you have been doing it the wrong way. Yes, you read that right.  Twitter user John Bick has suggested an alternate, and a much easier method to get that (darn) thread through the eye of the needle reports the Daily Mail. In the clip, a woman can be seen placing a length of the thread on her palm and simply rubbing the eye of the needle over the top. The friction causes the thread to pass through the eye with ease. This method lets you get results with much less effort compared to the technique we're used to. Mind. Blown. Bick wrote: That awkward moment you realize you did it wrong your whole life. While the tweet appears to be no longer available, you can still see how it's easily done through this YouTube tutorial below. It suggests pressing the eye of the needle against the center of the thread. Now keep sliding it till you see a long loop through its eye. Pull one end of the loop and, voila, you are all set to sew! 




Yes, we all feel just as stupid! The pain of knowing you've been threading needles wrong your whole life sure is a punch to the gut. But, hey, at least we can stop wasting any more time and incorporate this easy hack every time we get sewing. Of course, there were tons of reactions to this "new discovery". While many people couldn't believe the ease with which they got the thread through the needle eye, others preferred the old-fashioned way. On the YouTube video, Amirhousein Hazratifar joked: I tried and tried and tried and tried but no luck. Are you using a trained string to crawl into the needle hole at your command sir? Stephanie Murray was grateful, writing: I have been sewing since over 50 years now ,,, and had never seen this !! thank you, never too late to learn !!! Saint pointed out: Did it on the 3rd try. I feel like a goddamn wizard. While some got the technique right, others still had some difficulty. Khadija Danielle wrote: I have seen this done on another video, but they did it too fast for me to pick it up. You have a clear way of explaining it. I will always us your technique now! Thank you! S.A. Morris shared: ...after seeing this I immediately tried it with several different size needle eyes... ...couldn't make it work and almost wore a blister on my hand... ...*...sigh...

Social media denizens took to Twitter to discuss this amazing discovery with even a celebrity chiming in. Jason Alexander who played George Costanza on Seinfeld had this to say. So, have you tried this yet?












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