BodyCam Shows Cops Searching Breonna Taylor's Home Before Trying To Save Her Life After Shooting

BodyCam Shows Cops Searching Breonna Taylor's Home Before Trying To Save Her Life After Shooting

One of the officers told the others to watch what they say after the shooting as they were "on camera."

Trigger warning: This report has details of police brutality and race-motivated violence that readers may find disturbing

New bodycam footage has revealed that a Louisville police SWAT team left Breonna Taylor's body unattended for several minutes before checking on her and announcing, "She's done." This was after three Louisville police officers pumped close to 20 rounds into her apartment with 6 of them hitting Breonna Taylor, killing her. Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old healthcare worker was killed and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, was injured in the shooting on March 13 in a drug raid gone wrong. The new bodycam footage released by the department shows the SWAT team spends several minutes clearing rooms and closets before finally checking on the 26-year-old who was shot six times. They called for emergency medical services but told one another that she was dead. The newly released bodycam footage shows what happened immediately after the shooting, reported Yahoo News .


The Louisville police officers claimed they had a "no-knock warrant" on her home and broke into the home at midnight. Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend assumed it was a break-in and used a gun to defend themselves. Breonna Taylor's boyfriend fired a shot at them and was met with 20 rounds from the cops, which killed the healthcare worker. The SWAT team was informed by an officer that there was a woman inside who is "supposedly dead." The "no-knock" warrant has since been banned in the state. Of the three officers, one spotted a scared Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend waiting with a gun. After the shooting, Walker is confused to see it is cops who had fired the shots. He can be heard repeatedly asking, "What is this about?" He tells the cops that they had assumed someone had broken into their home and were scared.


Detective Brett Hankison who has since been fired can be seen cursing Walker. "You’re going to f*cking prison, that’s what’s going on," Hankison is heard saying. When Walker pleads, "What did I do?" Hankison responds, "For the rest of your fucking life." An officer tells him that he had announced three times that this was a "police search warrant." There is no footage supporting the police officers' claim and Taylor's family also denies the cops made any announcement.


One officer tells the SWAT team, "She’s down in there," referring to Breonna Taylor. One of the officers tells others to watch what they say. "We have to be mindful of what we say, we're on camera now." An officer tells a member of the SWAT team that Kenneth Walker told them his girlfriend had been hurt. "He said, 'she's dead, she's down' but we weren't rushing in to check." The SWAT team focusses on clearing rooms and closets before tending to Taylor. "Check her. We gotta check her," an officer can be heard saying. They roll her over and check her pulse and try engaging her. The SWAT team announces that they are with the Louisville Metro Police Department and try talking to her. "Ma'am can you hear us?" One officer tells the other there's a gunshot to the chest while another says, "She's done." They move out of the apartment with one officer staying back with Breonna's body.


None of the officers were charged for the murder of the Black woman. Prosecutors had successfully argued that the police officers were justified in using force to protect themselves after Breonna Taylor's boyfriend fired a shot at them. Officer Brett Hankison was the only one charged in the shooting and he was only charged with wanton endangerment for firing into the homes of Taylor’s neighbors during the raid.

"It's like killing Breonna all over again. Legalized genocide of people of color, because no matter how much evidence we have, they always find a way to try to legally justify it," said the family's lawyer, Ben Crump, reported CNN . "It underscores the fact that there are two justice systems in America — one for Black America and one for White America," he added. Louisville Metro police department and Kentucky state officials continue to maintain that the police officers who shot into Breonna Taylor's home didn't wear body cameras.

COVER IMAGE SOURCE: YouTube/Louisville Metro Police

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