20 Basic Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know And Follow

20 Basic Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know And Follow

A small gesture can go a long way and make some one's day a whole lot better.

Being courteous, well-mannered, and polite will never go out of style. Etiquette isn't just about which fork or spoon to use at a table, it goes beyond that. It's about being a kind person who shows respect to everyone around them and in turn makes the world a much better place even with the smallest of gestures. In a world of constant trolling and shaming, we really could use more empathy. The basis of proper etiquette is built on being gracious and polite in social, professional, and family settings. Being polite and courteous is also an extremely attractive quality in a person. 

Here's a list of 20 courteous gestures that can leave an lasting impression.

1. When commuting, offer your seat if someone is older, pregnant, or seems to be in ill-health.  

2. Be punctual and always arrive on time.

3. Greet everyone as you enter a room. 


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4. If you accidentally bump into people always use the phrase "excuse me."

5. Show gratitude by saying "thank you" especially to anyone who offers help, and preface your requests with the word "please." We know these are basic courtesies but a gentle refresher doesn't hurt anyone.

6. Never stare at people or talk about them when they are around ( practice gossiping less behind their backs as well!) Also, do not talk or laugh loudly in a public space.



7. Be chivalrous by pulling out a lady's chair for them. Offer to carry their coats, too. 

8. Always hold the door for the person behind you. 

9. If you're going towards your seat in the theatre or at a cinema hall, make sure to face the people you pass on your way.


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10. When meeting someone, keep your phone away as much as possible. Be attentive and listen. It's rude when you constantly check for notifications on your phone. It looks as though you bored and not interested in what the other person has to say. If you absolutely have to take a call, go outside and ask to be excused. 

11. When you make a mistake, always apologize. Once they've forgiven you make an active effort to not repeat your mistakes.

12. This sounds silly, but if people are talking to you always look them in the eye. Not on your phone screens.


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13. For you social media addicts, always check with people before you post something. Not everyone wants to be all over social media, remember that!

14. Knock before you enter a room, it's rude to barge right in.

15. An absolute must during the pandemic: when you sneeze or cough please do it into your elbow so germs don't spread





16. Learn to say you're sorry. If someone corrects you and you know you're wrong, be open to admitting your mistake and learn from it

17. When you're invited to someone's house try and bring a gift. Don't show up empty-handed.

18. Eat with your mouth closed and don't talk with your mouth full, please! 


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19. When on a date, if you asked, you pay. At least offer to, regardless of age or gender.

20. Send thank-you notes to people who've done something special for you. Old fashioned, yes, but it'll truly make the other person's day.

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